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Facilities and Fees

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Field Station

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Downstairs Classroom;

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Downstairs Classroom

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Upstairs Apartment
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Upstairs Apartment Bedroom

Check our calendars for facility availability. The facility offers a combined lab and classroom space, as well as a one-bedroom apartment for overnight stays.  Facility rates are dependent on the purpose of the visit and the affiliation of the event organizer.

  • Make a request for assets, which includes apartment space and/or lab space. The numbers and dates of the assets you request should match your participant visit list.
  • Asset rates depend on your activity and affiliation. Conferences, lab meetings, and writing retreats are considered "retreats".
  • Beds are requested and billed individually, not as a whole apartment.
  • Note any special circumstances, including physical disability accommodation and minors or very young children. There are no pets allowed at the Field Stations. Certified service animals are welcome following UC Policy, but please inform the station director prior to your visit.
  • Note any special billing needs, such as separate billing for each participant.
  • Changes/cancellations. Please contact the station director if your party changes size, your dates change, or you cancel your visit. There is a 10-day cancellation window, see below
  • Billing. Guests will receive an invoice by email after their visit. Invoices can be paid by UC Recharge or credit card, or a check. 

Day Use

The UC Merced SCICON Field Station has multiple facilities suitable for day use with nominal daily and monthly rates (ask for details).  Cell coverage is low-speed AT&T service only. NOTE THAT SCICON CURRENTLY HAS NO WIFI (please contact the station director for nearby facilties with wifi).

Laboratory: the lower-level laboratory is a combined lab-classroom space. Classroom-style seating capacity for 20. Ample counter and lab space with a drying oven, flammables cabinet, and a large sink. Lab benches rim the edges, and additional stainless steel tables to increase bench capacity. There are roll-up doors on one side and the whole facility is climate controlled (heat and air).

Restroom/Shower Facility: A detached, ADA-accessible restroom and shower facility is available as a separate facility adjacent to the lab and apartment.

Storage: A locked storage closet on top level, adjacent to apartment, is available for short-term storage of gear as needed upon request. Inquire with the station director.

Overnight accommodations

The UC Merced SCICON Field Station has a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment on the upper level (above the laboratory). The bedroom is equipped with 5 beds: 2 sets of extra-long bunk beds (sheets not provided) and 1 full bed. Maximum accommodations for 4 people. The aparment contains a washer/dryer and it has a fully equipped kitchen with stove, microwave, coffee-maker, pots/pans/flatware, cutlery. The kitchen table seats 4 and the apartment is climate controlled (heat and air).


Rates are variable depending on guest affiliation and type of use: 

$15/night for partners

$25/night for non-partners

Visits are billed after your stay; you will be invoiced by email. There are three methods of payment:

  1. University of California FAU
  2. Credit card -Visa or MasterCard
  3. Check -made out to "UC Regents"
  4. No cash

Cancellation Policy

There is a 10-day cancellation policy for the field stations. Reservations canceled 10 or more calendar days in advance will not be charged. However, if you cancel less than 10 days before your stay, you will be expected to pay for the first 2 nights reserved. Similarly, if your group size decreases with less than 10 days' notice, you will be charged for the initial number of people for the first 2 nights. For example, if you decrease your group from 10 people to 7 people fewer than 10 days in advance, you will be charged for 10 people for the first two nights, then 7 people for the remaining nights. If no notice is given of a decrease in group size until after the event, groups will be charged the full rate. Group leaders are responsible for informing the station director of cancellations within their groups, and communicating this policy to their participants.In the case of extreme weather or other hazards (such as fire or road closures), the station may be closed at any time at the discretion of the station director, UC Merced, and/or SCICON administrator. In this case, users will not be charged for canceled reservations.

What to Expect and What to Bring

We provide basic cabins: mattresses without bedding, and kitchens with standard dishes, utensils, and appliances. Users must bring linens, pillows, towels, food, and disposable kitchen and bathroom supplies. Users of classroom facilities should bring their own disposable supplies like flipcharts, markers, etc. We do not have housekeeping services. Users are expected to clean the facilities thoroughly when they depart, and we provide basic cleaning supplies. Details can be found in the Check-Out Checklist.