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Process to Get Access

Submit an application for use and a reservation for facilities through the RAMS System

  • Applications cover your overall project, and can include multiple visits/reservations spanning the full duration of the project. In your application, describe in detail your reason for visiting the station.
  • If you are conducting  research, describe your research project, including locations and methods. List all related permits.
  • If you are leading a  course, give a course number, course description, and a description of your activities at the field station.
  • If you are doing  other academic or public service work, describe the event, including its purpose and agenda of activities. 
  • Undergraduate groups  must demonstrate that their event is registered with the UC Office of Student Life or similar oversight body, include their alcohol policy, and list the names of faculty sponsors.
  • Reservations describe your facility needs on defined visits to the field station.
    • Include participant list, with names, email addresses, and emergency contact information for each participant.
    • Include the affiliation and role of each participant.
    • Note when each participant is arriving/departing if the group is traveling on different dates.
  • Make a request for assets, which includes apartment space and/or lab space. The numbers and dates of the assets you request should match your participant visit list.
  • Asset rates depend on your activity and affiliation. Conferences, lab meetings, and writing retreats are considered "retreats".
  • Beds are requested and billed individually, not as a whole apartment.
  • Note any special circumstances, including physical disability accommodation and minors or very young children. There are no pets allowed at the Field Stations. Certified service animals are welcome following UC Policy, but please inform the station director prior to your visit.
  • Note any special billing needs, such as separate billing for each participant.
  • Changes/cancellations. Please contact the station director if your party changes size, your dates change, or you cancel your visit. There is a 10-day cancellation window, see below
  • Billing. Guests will receive an invoice by email after their visit. Invoices can be paid by UC Recharge or credit card, or a check.  Payment instructions

Applications will be reviewed for  appropriate use  and necessary permits. Reservations will be reviewed for availability, appropriateness, and accommodations for special needs. Reservations are generally first-come, first-served, with priority given to site-based research and listed university courses.